What’s Involved In A Termite Inspection?

Getting a Termite Inspection

The Inspection and Report

  1. The controller should thoroughly inspect all potential entry points, such as roof and under the house, sills, joists, concrete blocks, cross-ventilation, landscaping, any extensions attached to the house, fencing, trees and stumps around the house – up to a radius of 50 metres – as well as inside the house, particularly moist areas such as the bathroom and laundry.
  2. They should also inspect any physical barriers installed during construction of the house, such as termite shields. Their report should note any areas not inspected.
  3. Encourage the pest controller to take as much time as necessary during the inspection – this may include checking surrounding bushland or neighbouring homes. It is much better to spend the time and money at this stage, which could save you more $$$ later on down the track.
  4. If possible, be on hand for the inspection – the more you know about what the pest controller is looking for and where, the more informed you will be.
  5. The written report should cover old and active termite activity, identify the species (if there is infestation), give you a range of eradication treatments, indicate what monitoring and future reviewing may be needed and provide information on what you can do to protect your property once eradication is complete. The report may include photographs and a plan of the house.
  6. Don’t make any decisions about eradication plans anything until you have received the report.

The Bottom line

Termite eradication can be expensive. It will usually require some sort of chemical approach, which raises safety and environmental questions, and may take some time.

A good inspection will show you how to detect risk, act as required if need be and protect your home in the future. It’s essential for homeowners to know that their pest controller is an experienced professional, not one that will leave you high and dry should anything go wrong.

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