Relieve insects: ammonia

Despite the specific smell that ammonia possesses, experienced housewives successfully use it in the household.

But few people know that ammonia is an excellent fertilizer for garden crops and a means to fight insects.

From insects in the house and in nature

Often ants attack not only garden plots, but also the house, and especially the kitchen. To drive them out of the house, you can take a solution of ammonia (100 ml of ammonia per 1 liter of water). Prepared by the liquid process cabinets and chairs. There is no need to be afraid of the smell; it will disappear after a few minutes. Ants cannot tolerate ammonia aroma, for them it will be heard for a long time. Therefore, they will leave the house and not return.

Ammonia against insects bothering on picnics will be a great helper. Processing the resting place with this tool will allow you to get rid of mosquitoes and midges. People will stop smelling after a few minutes, and insects will not disturb tourists for a long time.

Application in the country

A solution of ammonia helps scare away insects that destroy garden crops. In addition, a solution of ammonia for plants is an additional nitrogen-containing fertilizer.

Ammonia repels the following pests:

  1. Crypto-scavenger is a weevil beetle that damages onion and garlic plantings. An insect will not eat plants if it is watered once a week with a solution of ammonia (1 tbsp. L. Ammonia is bred in a bucket of water). This procedure is carried out in early summer. You can preserve the smell for a longer period if after irrigation the soil is loosened.
  2. The aphid settled on the leaves of garden crops is capable of destroying all plantings in a short time. Means against aphids are prepared from 2 tbsp. l ammonia and buckets of water. For leaves, this will be an additional nitrogen feed, and for aphids – a powerful weapon. To keep the solution on the leaves for as long as possible, add a spoonful of detergent or shampoo to it. Processing can be carried out at any period of the growing season, you do not need to be afraid of crop poisoning.
  3. Onion fly can destroy onion crops. To combat it, an ammonia solution is used, prepared at the rate of 1 ml of ammonia for every 5 liters of water.
  4. Cats attacking indoor crops cause irreparable harm to them. To scare them away, plants are watered with a solution prepared from 25 ml of ammonia and 2 liters of water. In addition to additional nutrition, such top dressing will scare off insects.
  5. Medvedka eats young seedlings and even seeds. To protect young plants from it, when planting seedlings, 0.5 l of ammonia solution is poured under each bush. It is prepared as follows: 2 tsp are bred in a bucket of water. ammonia.
  6. The wireworm loves to eat tomatoes. To prevent its appearance, a weak ammonia solution is poured into the well prepared for planting seedlings.

Experienced flower growers are aware that many flowers respond well to fertilizing containing ammonia. We are talking about such flower crops as geraniums, lilies and clematis. Cucumbers respond well to it. To prepare ammonia top dressing, you need to mix 100 ml of ammonia and a bucket of water.

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