Organic Pest Control For Cats, Squirrels, Dogs and Deer

At some point we all have a trouble with insects in our gardens. But, most people feel some connection with nature when gardening, and while they want to get rid of those insects they don’t want to harm the critters in doing so.

So what are some humane ways to exterminate garden insects? Basically, you need to make them uncomfortable in some way, but not necessarily in a painful way. You might offend one of their senses, but at times doing so offends yours as well.

You might try repellents to scare garden pests away, using scents from predators like fox urine, but which will only repel certain garden pests, and the repellent can wash away in the rain.

You might try a repellent like pepper on the plant surface, but which means the deer or other animal would’ve actually eaten some of your plants already.

Imagine which you may only stand guard at your garden with a simple garden hose with a sprayer attached, you may be certain of scaring off the most persistent of pests if your were to suddenly spray them for just a few seconds when they approached the garden. And if you were to regularly do so for a week or two, the pest would eventually get frustrated enough to move on. This would work with almost any pest, including deer, dogs, cats, skunks, herons, and even armadillos.

If you could only set this up to be automated, and to work both day and night it wold in fact be an organic pest control which would be an effective repellent for all sorts of garden insects. This is the basic idea behind the Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler system. This system has a motion detector built into a sprinkler head, which will automatically spray the intruding pest for just a few seconds, repelling your garden insects while doing them no harm.

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