Best Electric Snowplow

What is an electric snowplow?

The electric snowplow is a useful machine to remove snow from the garden or yard with minimum effort. This tool will be very useful in places where it often snows, and will facilitate snow clearing operations. The snow plough is also called a snow cutter because it is equipped with a cutter that will remove the snow from the bottom, sweeping it sideways. The choice of this tool must be accurate, because often you risk to spend a lot of money unnecessarily or to save money and to find a tool that does not perform well.

How to choose the best electric snow plow?

There are several factors to keep in mind when choosing the best 2-stage snow blower under $1000. Below is a brief guide to choose the best one.


Engine stages indicate whether an engine is 2-stroke, 4-stroke or single-stage. In case of electric snowploughs we will talk about single-stage motors. This type of motor is suitable for surfaces not too large (max. 150 sqm) and for snow not too high (max. 50 cm). Usually who chooses an electric snow plow does so because it does not have a large surface to clean.

Type of wheels

Electrically powered snowploughs can be equipped with wheels or tracks. Depending on the type of soil to be tilled, the choice of the rubber tire is decisive. If the soil is even and does not flake too much, an electric snowplough with wheels will do just fine. If, on the other hand, you are on a gravelly or fairly muddy surface, the tracks will certainly be more useful.


The compact electric snow blowers have a power of 1000 watts. Suitable for small surfaces, they look like brush cutters. The most powerful ones reach up to 2500 watts and look like a lawnmower. Powered by wire power, they also often have a battery that makes them usable wirelessly.


Often weight and power go hand in hand. The weight of an electric snowplow may affect the manoeuvrability of the vehicle. The heavier it is, the more difficult it will be to manoeuvre it smoothly. Generally a powerful and light snowplow should weigh a maximum of 5 kg.

How does a snowplow work?

The snowplow, equipped with a cutter in the head, will collect the snow and eject it from the chute. The chute is nothing more than a smokestack that will direct the snow to the point you want (usually laterally than the point of passage).

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